Ahavat Olam

A progressive synagogue in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Shabbat morning, May 25 תפילת שבת

Please come and join us for Shabbat morning on May 25.
Everyone is most welcomed.
Stephen Aberle and Reb David will share leading prayers and reflections in the more or less traditional style that we are used to, mingling Hebrew, English and wordless melodies with passages of silence. We’ll follow the flow of the traditional prayer service with lots of room for our own personal journeys to unfold.
The Torah portion that Shabbat is called Be-Ha’alotecha and is Numbers 8 – 12. It carries within it a number of profound passages. If we’re a minyan, we’ll chant from our Torah scroll in Hebrew. If we are less than a minyan, we’ll read the passages out of a book. Either way, we’ll share our reflections, inspirations and questions.

Right after the davvening, we’ll share a veggie, potluck Kiddush lunch. This will give us all a chance to hang out together, get to know each other, catch up, enjoy the connections among us. So, please plan to stay and bring a generous, abundant dish to sha

re. Main dishes, side dishes, drinks, desserts are all most welcomed. Ahavat Olam will provide wine and hallah.
We’ll gather at our usual place in the Peretz Centre, a fully accessible facility at 6184 Ash Street a block off of Cambie Street at 45th, just between the Canada Line Oakridge and Langara stations. We’ll begin at 10 a.m., finish the davvening and Torah exploration by 12:30 and make Kiddush and have lunch at about 12:45.
If you have questions, write or phone Reb David at david@mivasair.com or (604) 781-7839. If you like, go to Ahavat Olam’s Facebook page here, tell us that you’re coming and send an invite to your friends.

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