Ahavat Olam

A progressive synagogue in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Shabbat morning, November 21, 2020 תפילת שבת

Ahavat Olam Synagogue welcomes everyone to join us on line via Zoom in thoughtful, moving Shabbat morning prayers on November 21 at 10:00am, mostly sung, much in Hebrew, some in English, some in the language of the heart and in the speech of the angels.

Please let us know at info@ahavat-olam.ca if you wish to attend. We will get back to you with the information you’ll need to log in to the online Zoom meeting.

The weekly parshah (Torah portion) is Toldot (Genesis 25:19 – 28:9) and it includes the beginnings of the conflict between twin brothers Jacob and Esau — their struggle in the womb, Jacob’s purchase of Esau’s birthright for a bowl of soup, his subsequent theft of his brother’s blessing from their old blind father Isaac. How are we to understand these brothers and their rivalry, a rivalry apparently fed by their parents? Scheming trickster and innocent dupe, righteous deserver and evil thug, intellectual and bully, calculating and passionate…? Our tradition addresses these archetypes and more. Let’s unpack them a little.

If you have questions, please write to info@ahavat-olam.ca.


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