Ahavat Olam

A progressive synagogue in Vancouver, BC, Canada

Food and Ahavat Olam

Our tradition includes hosting community potluck Kiddush meals, such as a lunch after Rosh Hashanah services, a break fast after Yom Kippur, and occasional Shabbat lunches.

Your potluck contribution should be vegetarian, pescatarian and/or dairy. we ask you to ensure that anything you bring does not contain ingredients from mammals, poultry or shellfish. We prefer (but do not require) purchased products to have a kosher seal.

We ask all contributors to please label their dishes. If you have an allergy, please be sure to make a dish you can eat and label it appropriately. Please be aware that we have members in the community who are observant and/or have other dietary restrictions. Accordingly, please do not include anything with hidden ingredients such as meat/chicken bouillon, or hidden wheat/barley/gluten ingredients, that would make the dish problematic for some members of the community. If you do not need to limit yourself to restricted foods, we ask that you leave them for those who might be.

Our services and potluck meals take place at the Peretz Centre, 6184 Ash St, Vancouver. The Peretz Centre kindly allows us to use its kitchen to refrigerate and heat potluck contributions. We are also allowed to use the Peretz Centre’s dinnerware. Please note that the kitchen facilities and dinnerware are not certified Kosher.

We ask our community meal attendees to assist with cleaning up afterwards and to observe Vancouver city by-laws regarding composting.

Potluck Meal Suggestions
*Please be generous! We want everyone to have a nutritious and filling meal.

These are just suggestions, but they might give you some ideas.

  • salads of all kinds (bring salad dressing in separate container) from green to bean, egg to tuna
  • casseroles, quiches and more (remember no meat, poultry or shell fish)
  • hot potato, rice, or quinoa dishes
  • drinks such as juices or pop
  • fish: all fin and scale fish welcome, including lox, salmon, tuna salad, herring, sole, trout, mackerel, etc.
  • bagels and cream cheese + fixings
  • other yummy breads and spreads
  • hummus, tahini, eggplant dishes
  • couscous
  • fresh fruit and vegetables

Important: No meat or poultry, please, and no soups!